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Legal Representation


Courtroom advocates.

At Whitten & Whitte, PLLC, we are experts at becoming experts. We handle many different civil litigation matters and are adept at sophisticated approaches to unique problems.

When you need a judge and jury to decide your case in trial, you need the best. Whitten & Whitten, PLLC began serving our clients as trial attorneys and we still maintain the highest advocacy standards. We take select trial matters, as well as serve as local counsel and co-counsel responsible for specific duties as part of a team effort.

Sometimes receiving a judgment at trial is just the beginning. When a higher court needs to hear your case or you need to protect what you've won, Whitten & Whitten, PLLC is here to help. We handle both civil and criminal appeals no matter how complex the legal issues are. We are experienced in convincing an appeals court of the merits of your case. If your appeal needs the best, then contact Whitten & Whitten, PLLC.

Appeals and Litigation: Practices
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